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My life is really, really boring right now for a few reasons. Firstly, there are 4 weeks until my first exam, and I have worked it out that in order to have read everything I need to by then I have to average about 100pg/day. So understandably, that takes up a great deal of my time. And, I am sure that nobody really wants to hear about family property and elements of a constitutionally valid search and seizure...so boring. Also, it rains here a lot! Last week it rained from Wednesday until Saturday with no breaks whatsoever. So all that rain basically precludes any sort of outdoor activity that I may find myself doing in between my hours of reading...so, I have been sequestered to the boring indoors. And lastly, I think that I need a hobby, because outside of school there is very little that I do...which means that if I didn't have family property and constitutionally valid search and seizures my life would be nothing...and nothing is boring.

So...to keep myself somewhat interested in me I read ridiculous and fascinating stories and then bequeath what I learn here....So here is what I found interesting over the last few days.

1. The Queen of England has launched her very own facbook page. This makes her majesty officially cooler than my mom. There are plans to use the site to keep everyone up to speed with all of her engagements and the royal household. She will be uploading photos, videos, and news items to the page. This has come after a series of social media ventures made on the Queen's behalf. In fact, the Queen has her own Youtube channel, a twitter account, and an account with flickr.

2. The House of Gladiators in Pompeii collapsed. Curators at the historic city apparently had no idea that the house was structurally unsound, in any way, before coming to work and finding it in ruins on Saturday. This puts into question the quality of the preservation methods being used by the Italian Government. This of course comes as little surprise to anyone who has taken a train in Italy or has had to deal with authorities in the state for any reason...and if you haven't let's just say that calling them lazy is putting it gently. This is a shame however, for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting Pompeii - and to those of you I say, "go, go now."

3. On any given Sunday in October, The Louisiana State Penitentiary opens its doors to the public and let in anyone who wants to witness their annual ... Rodeo Show?. Some of the state's most dangerous and notorious criminals, most of whom have very little rodeo training compete in classic rodeo events like bareback riding, barrel racing, and wild cow milking. The event is believed to help with the inmates’ rehabilitation.

4. Several years ago scientists at CERN built a Large Hadron Collider Doomsday Machine in the hopes of re-creating the Big Bang...and well they managed to create a mini one by firing positive lead ions into a bunker creating dense subatomic fireballs that reached temperatures 1,000,000x hotter than the surface of the sun (that's over ten TRILLION degrees!!!!!!!!). Now, this experiment was done in a very controlled and safe environment, but this sounds like one of those cheesy movies that uses the tagline "what if the power got into the wrong hands?...soon the world will need its very-own, real-life super hero!"

5. And lastly, the UK Medical Research Council has invested 6.5 million pounds into developing an instant at-home test for herpes, Chlamydia, and gonorrhoea. Sounds awesome right? I mean, think of the inconvenience you'll save by not having to book an appointment for an STD test, pay for the test (in the UK), or having to look the judgemental dr in the eye and tell them that you need one done. So, it’s great right? Well here’s the kicker...the chip, which will cost about 2 dollars and will be available in vending machines and is used by inserting it in your cell phone, measures for the diseases by testing your urine...I don't know if this means that you'll have to pee on your phone, but if so, that just seems wrong, so wrong. I can see the conversation now:

Jane: John, can I borrow your phone?
John: Sure
Jane: John, why is your phone damp?
John: Oh I was just using that new iphone app, ipee. It tests my urine for STDs. Btw, it came back positive, and now my herpes are on your ear!
First off, life is boring. People do not believe me.
1-That is soooo cute :)
2-That is POOP...history is having its own trouble keeping in people's memories....nevermind laziness
4-That is pretty cool but why are we so hung up on stuff like this? We definitely do not need us humans all over again
I think the reason why they want to recreate it is to show that the big bang is possible and to prove the ignorant bible thumpers who think the Earth is 2000 years old wrong.

Science Win!
Oh and also, life is what you make of it. My life is boring now...but if I did some exciting things then it wouldn't be. Can you honestly tell me that spending 4 weeks with me is SE Asia was boring?