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Who pays on a first date?

It would have to be the one who did the asking-out - it's part of the "do you want to go out with me sometime" package.
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Stolen from skye3 .

1.) Put your iTunes on shuffle.
2.) For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Blackbird - The Beatles
*I'm going to guess that means: No, and I should probably be institutionalised for a little while

Ruby Tuesday - The Corrs
*Mysterious - I like it.

The Game of Love - Santana feat. Michelle Branch

Caught in a Life - Donkeyboy
*I would have to agree - I feel like I am cought in a cycle of studying - "definately running in circles, baby"

Rehab - Amy Winehouse

Bound to Happen - The Spill Canvas
*I like it

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - The Marvellettes
*wow, am I really that fickle?

Say it Again - Natasha Bedingfield

Russian Roulette - Rihanna
*Freaky. I swear I'm not suicidal.....

10.) WHAT IS 2+2?
Latke Clan - The LeeVees

Dynamite - Taio Cruz

The Title - The Author

Gabriel and the Vagabond - Foy Vance

Jessie's Girl - Cast of Glee
*Either I have a thing for people who are taken, or I have a secret thing for girls that I didn't know about!

To Sir With Love - Lulu
*Such a Sweet, Yet, Creepy Song IMO

Thank Goodness - Original Broadway Cast of Wicked
*That is so perfect

Expectations - Belle and Sebastian

I Promise You That - Westlife
*Love and comittment, eh?

Addicted - Amy Winehouse
*I guess that goes along with the Rehab thing

I Never Loved You Anyway - The Corrs

I Fought the Angels - The Delgados

Last Name - Cast of Glee
*Love that song

We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel
*HA - how well you know me random ipod song ;)

Everyday is a Holiday - Esthero
*Only in my Dreams!

I Can Transform Ya - Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne & Swizz Beatz
1. A man in Kentucky was forced to shave off and eat his own beard. The man, Harvey Westmoreland, was approached by two potential buyers for his riding lawnmower. They argued about the price and suddenly the argument turned violent. Harvey was beaten at gunpoint before they cut off his beard and forced him to eat it.

Now I know you must be wondering - What happened to his beard?

Well he did in fact eat it. This means, it probably came out at some point and left Harvey in relative discomfort. But don’t you fret; in the 6 months between the attack and the trial Harvey has begun to grow his beard once again. And, hopefully soon it will reach its former lengthy greatness.

2. It seems that Americans are becoming interested in an old-timey and very Hollywood-ized religious practice. The demand has become so great that the Roman Catholic Church in the United States held a conference last weekend to help clergy members learn about the practice of exercism. The conference delved into several topics from learning to revive to practice to learning how to diagnose who needs a psych consult.

There has been mixed feelings from critics and scholars in the field. Some are confused why the church would focus on this when they have bigger problems to deal with – decreasing numbers, sex abuse scandal, etc. Others believe that this is the perfect time to do this – it will take the heat off those negative issues, will make people more excited about the church, etc.

Personally I think this is ridiculous. I find it difficult to fathom that there are priests and laypeople in society today that 1) believe that the devil actually possesses people and 2) believe that saying a few prayers and spraying people with holy water will magically make the devil go away. And if they do believe these things, they should be the ones seeking psychiatric assessment.

3. THE END OF THE WORLD IS UPON US! It appears that unless they engineer higher-yielding Cacao trees, the demand for chocolate will outstrip the supply within the next 50 years.

But never fear, for they have decoded the cocoa genome and they are currently making correlations between certain characteristics that will allow the plant to be grown with disease and drought resistance, potentially with a higher proportion of healthier fats, and of course with higher yields. And, on an even more positive note, because cocoa is grown generally on small farms (not industrial farms), with the genetic advances the plant could be revolutionary for the global world community – a true green revolution (Although something tells me those tree huggers won’t be so happy – producing genetically modified food an all).

4. So everybody knows about Dancing with the Stars right? Well, a 67 year-old rural Wisconsin man was watching the show (probably a result of persistent nagging from his wife) and he became sooo enraged over Bristol Palin’s (who BTW is NOT a star – and I am not even sure how she got on there – probably a giant “donation” by her mom) routine that he pulled out a gun and shot his TV – Wisconsin Win!

However, the story takes a little bit of a downward turn at this point. It seems that he then turned the gun on his wife – now this was probably provoked either by his wife’s incessant bi**ching over the fact that he destroyed their TV and she couldn’t finish her show, yada yada, or because she made him watch it in the first place. Either way, she escaped, physically unharmed, and called the police from a neighbour’s. He has since been charged with second degree reckless endangerment - Wisconsin Fail.

5. Lastly, I bring you the one step secret to success and productivity: GET UP EARLY

And now I leave you with “Neil Young” and Bruce Springsteen singing Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair. Enjoy
I swear there are so many fails in this clip I don't know where to start!

HILARIOUS! Take a look and enjoy.

Here is another installment of the 5 things I found interesting since the last time I posted:

1. The woman who was considered to be the world's oldest person died at the age of 114. Eugenie Blanchard, a nun, died in hospital on November 4th on the Caribbean island of St Barts. She had lived in the geriatric ward of the hospital since 1980 (can you imagine living in hospital for 3 decades! I can’t imagine that would be fun!)
Her death leaves Eunice G. Sanborn of Texas as the world’s oldest person. Eunice was born only a few months after Eugenie on July 20, 1896.

2. Over the next year several research projects are expected to make strides in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Current drug therapy, administered after patients show signs of memory loss, has been unsuccessful. Many doctors think that this failure may be a result of administering the drugs too late – the brain is too damaged. So, new research will be done in the near future to attempt to find specific biological changes and biomarkers in the brain that will allow doctors to identify the disease before symptoms show.

One of the research projects proposed involves the World’s Largest Family; a clan of over 5000 people from Columbia. Many of these family members have inherited the genetic mutation that results in dementia – similar to Altzheimers. The study will attempt to find the youngest age at which brain changes occur using brain scans, spinal taps, and memory test in family members aged 18-26.

This will be an amazing breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of this terrible disease – So, Good Luck!

3. The website, thecheeky.com, is known for creating some interesting, and relatively controversial gag gifts. Their newest item: a real piggy piggy bank.

The company takes piglets, all of whom have died from natural causes, taxidermy them, and turn them into piggy banks. The banks cost $4000, and as of November 10 they had yet to actually sell any (the banks are made after sale, so none have actually been made yet).

However, the fact that these are obviously marketed as a joke and that there is no actual harm being done to these animals has been ignored by hundreds of animal rights activists around the world. A representative from the Winnipeg Humane Society says that “it’s such an incredible in-your-face trivialization of what was once a living being,” and “it just demonstrates such callousness and insensitivity.”

What do you think?

4. Check out Google Maps and get directions from Taiwan to China. Check out step number 24 – hilarious!

5. Don’t close that window just yet! Now, get directions from Japan to China. Scroll down to step 43 – Keep in mind that this is a 780km journey! Oh the hilarity.

But wait that’s not the end of it, once you have arrived, according to the map (NOT the directions) it appears that you’ll have to jump your jet-ski onto a oil barge, skid along the railing, plunge back into the water, deke back out into the canal (because, by now, Chinese security forces are firing at you), deke back into shore, jump off your jet-ski, which will continue in the water without you, run along the shore Mission:Impossible-style, grab a random hostage, and take off back into the water before finally staggering ashore somewhere in Shanghai’s garment district.

Can you find anymore hilarious google direction?
My life is really, really boring right now for a few reasons. Firstly, there are 4 weeks until my first exam, and I have worked it out that in order to have read everything I need to by then I have to average about 100pg/day. So understandably, that takes up a great deal of my time. And, I am sure that nobody really wants to hear about family property and elements of a constitutionally valid search and seizure...so boring. Also, it rains here a lot! Last week it rained from Wednesday until Saturday with no breaks whatsoever. So all that rain basically precludes any sort of outdoor activity that I may find myself doing in between my hours of reading...so, I have been sequestered to the boring indoors. And lastly, I think that I need a hobby, because outside of school there is very little that I do...which means that if I didn't have family property and constitutionally valid search and seizures my life would be nothing...and nothing is boring.

So...to keep myself somewhat interested in me I read ridiculous and fascinating stories and then bequeath what I learn here....So here is what I found interesting over the last few days.

1. The Queen of England has launched her very own facbook page. This makes her majesty officially cooler than my mom. There are plans to use the site to keep everyone up to speed with all of her engagements and the royal household. She will be uploading photos, videos, and news items to the page. This has come after a series of social media ventures made on the Queen's behalf. In fact, the Queen has her own Youtube channel, a twitter account, and an account with flickr.

2. The House of Gladiators in Pompeii collapsed. Curators at the historic city apparently had no idea that the house was structurally unsound, in any way, before coming to work and finding it in ruins on Saturday. This puts into question the quality of the preservation methods being used by the Italian Government. This of course comes as little surprise to anyone who has taken a train in Italy or has had to deal with authorities in the state for any reason...and if you haven't let's just say that calling them lazy is putting it gently. This is a shame however, for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting Pompeii - and to those of you I say, "go, go now."

3. On any given Sunday in October, The Louisiana State Penitentiary opens its doors to the public and let in anyone who wants to witness their annual ... Rodeo Show?. Some of the state's most dangerous and notorious criminals, most of whom have very little rodeo training compete in classic rodeo events like bareback riding, barrel racing, and wild cow milking. The event is believed to help with the inmates’ rehabilitation.

4. Several years ago scientists at CERN built a Large Hadron Collider Doomsday Machine in the hopes of re-creating the Big Bang...and well they managed to create a mini one by firing positive lead ions into a bunker creating dense subatomic fireballs that reached temperatures 1,000,000x hotter than the surface of the sun (that's over ten TRILLION degrees!!!!!!!!). Now, this experiment was done in a very controlled and safe environment, but this sounds like one of those cheesy movies that uses the tagline "what if the power got into the wrong hands?...soon the world will need its very-own, real-life super hero!"

5. And lastly, the UK Medical Research Council has invested 6.5 million pounds into developing an instant at-home test for herpes, Chlamydia, and gonorrhoea. Sounds awesome right? I mean, think of the inconvenience you'll save by not having to book an appointment for an STD test, pay for the test (in the UK), or having to look the judgemental dr in the eye and tell them that you need one done. So, it’s great right? Well here’s the kicker...the chip, which will cost about 2 dollars and will be available in vending machines and is used by inserting it in your cell phone, measures for the diseases by testing your urine...I don't know if this means that you'll have to pee on your phone, but if so, that just seems wrong, so wrong. I can see the conversation now:

Jane: John, can I borrow your phone?
John: Sure
Jane: John, why is your phone damp?
John: Oh I was just using that new iphone app, ipee. It tests my urine for STDs. Btw, it came back positive, and now my herpes are on your ear!
So, I decided that it might be fun to talk about 5 things that interested me in the news today, again!!!

1. A 10 year old gave birth in Spain last week. What???? This is a little insane, I mean I think I may still have been wetting the bed and giving myself the cootie shot when I was ten, not to mention how tiny my hips were. But apparently, the grandmother is very happy about the birth and doesn't understand the sensation that this is causing. The family, and the 13 year old father, all belong to a small segment of the Romanian population who practise the Gypsy lifestyle. And, in the gypsy culture, it is very common to arrange for the marriage of your children as soon as they reach puberty (even though those marriages are not recognised by the State of Romania). So, this then gets me wondering, if the birth was the product of a marriage, why are the child, mother, and grandmother currently living in Spain while the father is still in Romania???

2. The Pope is visiting Barcelona this Sunday, and to "welcome" him to the country, Spanish gays and lesbians will gather to stage a kiss-in. The plan is to congregate outside the city's gothic cathedral and begin kissing the moment the Pope steps outside. There will be no other actions by the protesters other than the kissing - no signs, shouting, flags, etc. The whole event was planned as an event on facebook - power to the social networks!

3. San Francisco has banned Happy Meals. Well, not explicitly, but they have passed an ordinance which bans restaurnts from giving away toys with meals that have more than a certain number of calories, fat, and sugar, which Happy Meals have. The ordinance also requires that all restaurants giving away toys must include fruits or vegetables with those meals.

Personally, I think this is great. I know that as a child I would always beg my parents to go to McDonalds solely because I wanted the toy - The food actually made me physically sick for about 12 hours after I consumed it, but I would suck that up if it meant I could get the "awesome toy". So, removing the toy temptation will help parents make better choices, since they won't have to give-in to their children's, now non-existent, tantrums and pleadings. So way to go SF!

4. A team of doctors in Germany have successfully restored at least some vision in 9/11 blind trial patients. They have done so by implanting a device under the retina of the patients which records images seen through the eye and then sends the images to a receiver in the visual cortex at the back of the brain. The resulting sight is not perfect, but it is better than what the patients had to begin with. However, the researchers have found that if the nerve damage is such that less than 25% of the cells remain then the implant will be unsuccessful.

5. Did you know that a Komodo Dragon's bite can kill you in three different ways? 1)Its mouth contains 60 razor sharp serrated teeth, 2)its saliva contains 50-80 different kinds of deadly bacteria that enter the prey's bloodstream when bitten, and 3)its venom, which is stored in special glands in the lizard is secreted when it bites. These last two features help to explain why most of the Komodo's prey dies 1-2 days after it has been bitten.
Good evening and a very happy Wednesday November 3 to all the peoples in the live journal universe :)

5 things I found remotely interesting today

1. The pandas are coming! The pandas are coming! There has been some talk over the past few days about the Toronto Zoo acquiring some giant pandas to have as part of a temporary exhibit. Today Dr Cheung, the leader of the Panda Acquisition Task Force (seriously, that is what the committee is called, they sound like a bunch of super heroes or something!), cleared up all the rumors by stating that indeed the Toronto Zoo, the Calgary Zoo, and the Granby Zoo have been in talks with the Chinese to acquire 2 pandas, to be rotated through each zoo, for a term of 5 years each. Toronto will get them first so that they will be here for the 2015 Pan Am Games. Originally, it was thought that they would make their debut in Toronto in 2014, but it looks like the Chinese are looking to send them over as early as 2012. Which all basically comes down to the fact that THE PANDAS ARE COMING!!!!

2. Today is National Sandwich Day (if the nation you live in is the USA). I didn't eat a sandwich per-say, but I did have a bagal with cream cheese if that counts?

3. Great American movie studio MGM filed for bankruptcy today after it could no longer pay back its crippling debt, make or release new movies. But don't fear, the studio responsible for The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and James Bond, will be using the protection to reorganise their finances so that the studio can re-emerge quickly after it merges with Spyglass Entertainment.

4. In Campbellford, ON an unusual pair of costumes won first prize in a Halloween costume contest. One man donned the traditional dress of the KKK and led a black-faced man around with a noose. Apparently, following the party there were numerous complaints made and the police are now investigating (what? I am not sure).

I personally think that the costume was pretty creative, a little edgy, and certainly much better than the 12 000 "sexy _______s" you find every Halloween. I personally went to a costume party where a couple dressed as Abu Grahib. One was dressed as a member of the US military and carried around a whip, etc and led the other, who was dressed in traditional Arab garb with obvious marks of torture and a browned-face, by a rope around his neck. And you know what? they won the contest too, and no body did anything but laugh.

People need to seriously need to remember that what people are wearing are costumes, and they do not necessarily reflect a person's beliefs or paractices and are not worn to condone hatred or violence, they are simply worn for fun, a laugh, and maybe as a satirical poke at society. People need to get over themselves and their political correctness already.

5. On a much more serious note, the City of Toronto has the lowest rate of registered organ donors in the country at a mere 13% of the population (in some areas of the city it is as low as 4%). I would like to think that this is simply because people are unaware that they now need to register to be a donor, and not just fill out the card that used to come with your license. If that is the case, please, please tell all your friends, co-workers, and even random people on the street to register. It's fast and easy and it means that you could save a ton of lives or at least improve the quality of life for some (I mean on last week's Grey's they did a double arm transplant on a guy who lost both his arms below the elbow in a work-related accident). And really, what are you going to do with the organs/limbs if you're dead?
It has been reported that the body of the owner of Segway, British Millionaire Jimi Heselden, was found on Sunday in a ravine. Lying close to his body was the man's Segway. It is believed that he fell off a cliff while riding the upright scooter and plunged to his death.

This accident while tragic and a little ironic, could also be catapulted into the realm of bizarre. And so, I would like to commemorate the memory of Mr Heselden by listing 10 other weird and bizarre deaths.

1. Video Game Death: In 2005 Korean Lee Seung Seop died of exhaustion after playing starcraft for 50 hours straight in an internet cafe.

2. Death by Bible: In 1987, A 22 year old prisoner who was serving a 15 day sentence died when he attempted to swallow Gideon's Bible.

3. Water Death: In 2007, a woman from California died from water intoxication while involved in a radio station contest titled "hold your wee for a wii". The contest involved drinking large quantities of water without urinating.

4. Death by Food: In 1771, King Adolf Frederick of Sweden died from "over-eating" after eating a meal consisting of caviar, champagne, lobster, sauerkraut, and smoked herring, plus 14 servings of semla served in a bowl of hot milk (his favourite dessert).

5. Beastiality Kills: In 2005 a man from Washington State died from acute peritonitis after failing to receive care after engaging in sex with a horse. His reluctance to seek help was apparently due to embarrassment stemming from having to tell doctors the circumstance leading to the injury.

6. Beware of Scarf: In 1927, Isadora Duncan, the creator of modern dance, died when the end of her long scarf caught in the wheel of the car in which she was a passenger.

7. The Deadly Toothpick: In 1941, an American novelist died after accidentally swallowing a toothpick at a party.

8. Idiots with Guns: in 1982, a man died while having fun shooting a cactus. He fired several shots from his shot gun into a 8m tall cactus. A weakened 4' limb of the cactus fell directly on to the idiot with the gun, crushing him.

9. Death by Beard: In 1567 a Austrian man who boasted having the world's longest beard (measuring 1.4m) died after not rolling-up his beard. While attempting to escape a fire he stepped on his beard, tripped, fell, and broke his neck.

10. Deadly Toe Stubbing: In 1911 a whiskey distiller from Tennessee died after going to work early and attempting to open the safe. In his frustration from not remembering the combination he kicked the safe. He later died from an infection in his toe.