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Good evening and a very happy Wednesday November 3 to all the peoples in the live journal universe :)

5 things I found remotely interesting today

1. The pandas are coming! The pandas are coming! There has been some talk over the past few days about the Toronto Zoo acquiring some giant pandas to have as part of a temporary exhibit. Today Dr Cheung, the leader of the Panda Acquisition Task Force (seriously, that is what the committee is called, they sound like a bunch of super heroes or something!), cleared up all the rumors by stating that indeed the Toronto Zoo, the Calgary Zoo, and the Granby Zoo have been in talks with the Chinese to acquire 2 pandas, to be rotated through each zoo, for a term of 5 years each. Toronto will get them first so that they will be here for the 2015 Pan Am Games. Originally, it was thought that they would make their debut in Toronto in 2014, but it looks like the Chinese are looking to send them over as early as 2012. Which all basically comes down to the fact that THE PANDAS ARE COMING!!!!

2. Today is National Sandwich Day (if the nation you live in is the USA). I didn't eat a sandwich per-say, but I did have a bagal with cream cheese if that counts?

3. Great American movie studio MGM filed for bankruptcy today after it could no longer pay back its crippling debt, make or release new movies. But don't fear, the studio responsible for The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and James Bond, will be using the protection to reorganise their finances so that the studio can re-emerge quickly after it merges with Spyglass Entertainment.

4. In Campbellford, ON an unusual pair of costumes won first prize in a Halloween costume contest. One man donned the traditional dress of the KKK and led a black-faced man around with a noose. Apparently, following the party there were numerous complaints made and the police are now investigating (what? I am not sure).

I personally think that the costume was pretty creative, a little edgy, and certainly much better than the 12 000 "sexy _______s" you find every Halloween. I personally went to a costume party where a couple dressed as Abu Grahib. One was dressed as a member of the US military and carried around a whip, etc and led the other, who was dressed in traditional Arab garb with obvious marks of torture and a browned-face, by a rope around his neck. And you know what? they won the contest too, and no body did anything but laugh.

People need to seriously need to remember that what people are wearing are costumes, and they do not necessarily reflect a person's beliefs or paractices and are not worn to condone hatred or violence, they are simply worn for fun, a laugh, and maybe as a satirical poke at society. People need to get over themselves and their political correctness already.

5. On a much more serious note, the City of Toronto has the lowest rate of registered organ donors in the country at a mere 13% of the population (in some areas of the city it is as low as 4%). I would like to think that this is simply because people are unaware that they now need to register to be a donor, and not just fill out the card that used to come with your license. If that is the case, please, please tell all your friends, co-workers, and even random people on the street to register. It's fast and easy and it means that you could save a ton of lives or at least improve the quality of life for some (I mean on last week's Grey's they did a double arm transplant on a guy who lost both his arms below the elbow in a work-related accident). And really, what are you going to do with the organs/limbs if you're dead?
1) This is so exciting!!!
2) Lol this is pretty funny....days for everything!
4) Yeah.....seriously. A zombie was dressed up as a priest carrying a bible and had a child doll in a sleeper attached to a dick sticking out of his costume. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Even Mirelle, a no longer christian thought it was offensive. I didn't. Just look at the news.
5) YEAH!
Have you actually registered? You have to go to the site and print off this form and send it in...did you do it? I sent mine yesterday