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Here is another installment of the 5 things I found interesting since the last time I posted:

1. The woman who was considered to be the world's oldest person died at the age of 114. Eugenie Blanchard, a nun, died in hospital on November 4th on the Caribbean island of St Barts. She had lived in the geriatric ward of the hospital since 1980 (can you imagine living in hospital for 3 decades! I can’t imagine that would be fun!)
Her death leaves Eunice G. Sanborn of Texas as the world’s oldest person. Eunice was born only a few months after Eugenie on July 20, 1896.

2. Over the next year several research projects are expected to make strides in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Current drug therapy, administered after patients show signs of memory loss, has been unsuccessful. Many doctors think that this failure may be a result of administering the drugs too late – the brain is too damaged. So, new research will be done in the near future to attempt to find specific biological changes and biomarkers in the brain that will allow doctors to identify the disease before symptoms show.

One of the research projects proposed involves the World’s Largest Family; a clan of over 5000 people from Columbia. Many of these family members have inherited the genetic mutation that results in dementia – similar to Altzheimers. The study will attempt to find the youngest age at which brain changes occur using brain scans, spinal taps, and memory test in family members aged 18-26.

This will be an amazing breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of this terrible disease – So, Good Luck!

3. The website, thecheeky.com, is known for creating some interesting, and relatively controversial gag gifts. Their newest item: a real piggy piggy bank.

The company takes piglets, all of whom have died from natural causes, taxidermy them, and turn them into piggy banks. The banks cost $4000, and as of November 10 they had yet to actually sell any (the banks are made after sale, so none have actually been made yet).

However, the fact that these are obviously marketed as a joke and that there is no actual harm being done to these animals has been ignored by hundreds of animal rights activists around the world. A representative from the Winnipeg Humane Society says that “it’s such an incredible in-your-face trivialization of what was once a living being,” and “it just demonstrates such callousness and insensitivity.”

What do you think?

4. Check out Google Maps and get directions from Taiwan to China. Check out step number 24 – hilarious!

5. Don’t close that window just yet! Now, get directions from Japan to China. Scroll down to step 43 – Keep in mind that this is a 780km journey! Oh the hilarity.

But wait that’s not the end of it, once you have arrived, according to the map (NOT the directions) it appears that you’ll have to jump your jet-ski onto a oil barge, skid along the railing, plunge back into the water, deke back out into the canal (because, by now, Chinese security forces are firing at you), deke back into shore, jump off your jet-ski, which will continue in the water without you, run along the shore Mission:Impossible-style, grab a random hostage, and take off back into the water before finally staggering ashore somewhere in Shanghai’s garment district.

Can you find anymore hilarious google direction?
1. No way in hell would I live in a boring hospital for all that time! YIKES! Unless she still thought she was nunning.
2. I hope so :) It could save some of my family...it is totally in our genes
3. I think it is NASTY! Would you do that to a human? Ew.
4. Wtf!!! WHO is swimming that!!! There are sharks among 20 foot jellies...
This was funny!